Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Tech Girls Reflection

Mbots are the coolest robots ever. Our team the Creative CoderZ won the search for the next tech girl superhero competition. Our prize was 500 dollars. We decided to spend our 500 dollars On these robots called M bots. M bots can move around and do a lot of different movements it can avoid obstacles and follow a black line etc. We got a pink mbot and a blue m bot. they are called Hero and Buddy.The blue one is called Buddy and the pink one is called Hero.

What would we do better next time?
Working together more, and understanding each other more deeply
Make sure that everyone gets a fair turn

What have we learned about the m bots?
We have learned how to code the robot
We have learned how to get the robot to sense a object if its in front of it
We have learned how put in wires together
Some of us learned how to screw screws in with a screwdriver
We have learned how to work together to code and make the robots

We have had a lot of up and downs but we have worked them out and the robots are amazing!!!!! I think we made a good and informed decision.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Wait wait wait! Before you read this adventurous story I have included Onomatopoeia, Strong verbs and Spicy adjectives.  

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Gaming Review

For literacy PP (Passion Project) I decided to do a gaming review.
A gaming review is something to describe a game on the app store.
In LPP I learnt how to use paragraphs and description.
LPP is a literacy task that includes writing, persistence and time.
My gaming review is about Minecraft PE. 
I hope you like it.

Name of the game: Minecraft PE
Your name: Greer

Platform:  Ipad
Multiplayer:       Yes            No ⚪

Genre: Construction
Age level game would appeal to: 6+

Details (Aim/goal of the game, Setting, Characters - what the game is about):
The aim of the game is to try and survive or create!
There are two modes one is survival mode and the other mode is creative mode.
In survival you have to survive the night and try not to die by mobs.
Mobs are zombies, skeletons etc, you can travel your world and you can find super rare temples like the sea castle,  jungle temples and sand temples.

Rating from 1-10 (10 is the highest score) and a comment about:

Smoothness: 7

Story: 8

Graphics: 9

Multiplayer: 5

What I like about the game:  You can let your imagination run wild!

What I do not like about the game: The game can get really glitchy.

How would you rate this game overall (make your own rating system): 4/5

Would you recommend this game?
Why or why not?
I would recomend this game because you can do anything you want!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My W.I.T

Me and my group has finished our W.I.T. Our group chose our art style and the art style was impressionism, I have a photo so you can see what it looks like.
We practiced for a long time and we still couldn't find out how to do impressionism so we decided to use our fingers it kind of looks like dot art but when it is far away and it looks awesome!
The meaning of our art is that you can only catch about 3 fish a day.
I am very proud of what my W.I.T looks like.